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Puppy II Classes

This class is designed for older puppies between 6 and 12 months. This is a 6-week class with a continuing focus on socializing and an extra emphasis on basic and intermediate obedience skills. There will be plenty of on- and off-leash supervised playtime with the other puppies since this is still an important time to manage fear and aggression before it becomes a problem. There is no such thing as too much socialization for puppies.

The Terrible Teens

Puppies at this age are in the phase of development known to trainers as the “terrible teens,” similar to the terrible twos and threes in human children. During this phase of development it is very important to get a handle on naughty behaviors. In Puppy II class we do intensive basic obedience training to help solidify the skills they learned in Puppy Kindergarten; “sit, down, come, wait, walking on leash, heel, leave it”, and so on. This is the class where we introduce and achieve a “stay” with more intensive impulse control work.

We will address issues that become more prevalent at this age like jumping up on people and objects, counter-surfing (for the larger puppies), and becoming overly enthusiastic when meeting or greeting new people or folks they already know. We want you to have the most well behaved puppies in Boise and Ada County, so we have the best puppy classes the Treasure Valley has to offer!

Then We Move on to Attention and Focus!

In order to gain more control it is imperative to have the older puppy recognize you as the most important person in the room. We will do exercises to help you get and maintain your dog’s attention. Once you have the dog’s attention you will be able to gain greater control. Our formula is: Attention + Focus = Control!

With our exercises it is especially helpful to have all the built-in distractions of other dogs and people who are attending this great puppy class. Distractions in class will make training at home much easier. This class is really great fun and the puppies actually look forward to coming and (from what we’re told by clients) get very excited on class day. They can hardly contain themselves on the way to class.

If you have an older puppy with no prior training, and you would like to enroll in this class, a one-time private training session may do the trick of getting your puppy ready for the group class. Contact us now – don’t wait one more minute. As puppies age, they become more difficult to control and train.

Important information: Puppies must be current on all vaccinations to attend. Given over a 6-week time span in 1-hour long sessions. (Discounts given to shelter dogs and rescues).