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Group Training

Performance Art and Canine Education


Our Group Dog Training Classes are different than those you’ll find anywhere else in the Treasure Valley Area. We believe it’s important to help educate you but we also want to entertain you at the same time. If you enjoy the learning process you will be more inclined to follow-through with the training outside of class.

K9 Principles Dog Training’s philosophy is simple: We use fun, positive, reward-based methods and techniques to help train you and your dog. Unlike many trainers, we enjoy working with both people and their dogs.

We use gentle encouragement and confidence building techniques to help you create the most positive relationship with your pet. We teach you the science that drives canine behavior and you learn the important facts about your dog so you are able to resolve problems even when we’re not around.

With great patience, we take the time to help you understand why dogs behave the way they do and demonstrate how to get them to behave in ways that you prefer. Using exercises that are fun for both you and your favorite canine companion, you will see changes in your pet’s behavior from one week to the next. You and your pet will look forward to your daily training routine. Training does not need to be an unpleasant experience or a chore!

Through group classes you will come to understand how your dog thinks, what motivates him or her, and learn to communicate effectively with each other. Using these training methods will help you to appreciate your pet’s potential and enable you to have a pet that is a pleasant and well-behaved companion. 

Puppy Kindergarten

This is a 6-week class designed to cover the basics of puppy training and care. (Puppies are between 8 weeks and 6 months old). The initial focus of these classes is to provide intensive socializing opportunities and exercises for the puppies to encourage a sense of confidence, and to reduce fear. In addition, during this class we begin basic obedience training. Our Puppy Training Classes are serious fun!

Puppy II Class

This class is designed for older puppies, generally between 6 and 12 months. This is a 6-week class with a greater focus on basic obedience skills, but still with plenty of on and off-leash play and interaction with other dogs and people. This is the time to manage fear and aggression before it becomes a problem.

Growly Class

Our Growly Class is specifically for dogs that have difficulty and/or elicit inappropriate behavior toward other dogs. Whether they come on with too much enthusiasm or actually do something “unseemly” this is a great class for any dog owner. It is also our most popular class which means there are a great many dog owners who have this sort of difficulty.